Minggu, 14 Desember 2008

viNtage boX at 105.1 fm

weLcoMe to vIntage boX at 105.1 fm..
iN this pRogRame u caN listeN,,reQueSt oLd soNgs,,
owwwhhh....reMembeR d memoriEs in d pasT..
toNite..vIntage bOx preseNts...
sheiLa oN 7 - anugraH teRindaH..
sweeT maRtabaK - PageRku beRbunyi..
veRticaL horizoN - beSt i eveR haD..
the cUre - boys doNt cRy..
aerosmiTh - i doNt wanNA miss a thIng...
marOon 5 - this loVe..
anggUn - ??
peteRpaN - sahaBat
utaDa hikaRu - fiRst lOve..
padi - soBat..
U2 - d sweetisT thing..
n maNy mOre..
bs2 kLo diTulis puannjjaaNnn99gg bgT...

dgrN viNtage bOx iT's feeLs coMe baCk to d paSt..
teMpoee duLoee..
jaMan2 SD...>>soK2aN bs nyanyi bhs iNggrIs..<<
SMP..>>jamaNx boYbaNd.."wheN d sKy aRe bLue..see u oNce agiaN my loVE.."
wesTlife vs BSB??..NIcKY ByRnE VS NIcK CaRteR..
ampe teRingeT ma bUle..the ImPOrTanT persoN of my liFe
wheN i was 13 yeaRs oLd..ketika aq ingat ttg "penjara suci" aq slalu teringat dy<<
SMA..>> my frieNshiP..a2Dc..i knoW d meaNing of frieNshiP..
kLo lgUx sindeNtosCa daH ad wKtu itU..pasTi ngeNa bgT..
aMpe ad diaRyx beRsaMa lgi..d big booK!!!<<

akhiRna dgRn viNtage bOx ampe seLesai deH..
at..1:00 am..
daN iNsomnIa meLandaKw..

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